9 Handy Hints to Apply Successfully For a U.S. Student Visa

U.S.A Student Visa

If you have decided you want to study in the United States and you know you will be accepted by a university or college to do so you can’t just jump on a plane and begin your course as you have to possess a valid student visa after submitting a student visa application before you step into the country.

If done correctly the international student visa application process is really quite straightforward.

  1. You should give yourself plenty of time for your student visa usa application.
  2. Arrange your visa appointment quickly, as it can be issued up to 120 days before your chosen course commences. This gives you enough time in the country beforehand to familiarise yourself with the way of life in the country and get settled in accommodation before your course starts.
  3. Make sure you know exactly what you are studying and where, as many student visa applications are rejected because at the interview the person doesn’t remember the course or university name of where they intend to study.
  4. Make sure you are organised well enough so that you know when you are likely to return to your country of origin.
  5. Wear appropriate formal attire at the embassy or consulate interview as this means you will get a faster and more favourable response to your application.
  6. You may not have any money yourself as your parents have shown willingness to pay your tuition fees and your living costs. Evidence of this intention should be included with your application. This could be in the form of bank statements provided by your parents.
  7. Make a firm decision where you intend to live as this will be asked by your interviewer. There are several options available to you and you should choose one that would suit your current lifestyle. There are a variety of options available which include dorm living on the campus, the renting of an apartment outside the college or university campus or living with a family as a paid lodger. You shouldn’t release any money to your chosen accommodation provider until you are sure you have met the student visa requirements.
  8. Get translations for all your key documents if they are not written in English. These include your birth certificate, your degree certificates and any other documents that your college or university has asked you to produce. You will need to bring them to your visa interview.
  9. Don’t be late for student visa interview appointment, as you shouldn’t forget that your interviewer will make a decision on your suitability for being issued with a student visa.

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