Who Is Able to Certify a Translation of My Documents?

Certify Document Translation

If you are asked to submit official documents to a university before taking up a course you may be able to submit the requested documents such as proof of degrees, diplomas and medical certificates without sending the originals. This can be done by getting a copy, including a copy of the translation, certified before it is put together with your application form and the bundle of documents is forwarded to the university requesting them. Some useful document certificate tips are given below.

Certified Copy

Any certified copy of a document is a copy of the original document that has undergone certification by an authorised person who declares it’s a true copy of the original.  This person can certify a translation too.

Who has the Responsibility for Certifying?

There are a number of people who can be allocated this job and they include:

  • an Australian registered Justice Peace;
  • an Australian registered Commissioner for Declarations;
  • a solicitor or  barrister;
  • a police officer who has the sole responsibility for a named police station or has been accorded the of the rank of at least a Sergeant;
  • A court’s Registrar or Deputy Registrar;
  • a registered or licensed physician;
  • a registered or licensed pharmacist;
  • a registered or licensed dentist;
  • a registered or licensed nurse;
  • a registered or licensed optometrist;
  • a registered or licensed psychologist;
  • a registered or licensed veterinary surgeon;
  • a bank or credit union manager;
  • an accountant who has a membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in New Zealand or Australia, Institute of Accountants or the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants or CPA Australia, the National a permanently appointed employee of a University with no less than five years of unbroken service.

Persons Who Have the Authority to Certify Documents Outside of Australia are:

  • an Australian overseas diplomatic mission authorised officer;
  • an ANU officer;
  • an official ANU overseas rep.

If you are asked to submit all official documents to any University and the language the document is written is not English you will need to obtain a full English translation. In most cases of translation in Australia, they should be carried out by a translator who has been accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreters (NAATI). You will need to get the same person who certifies documents to certify a translation.

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