Should I Apply for Dual Citizenship?

Dual Citizenship

This is the closest we have ever gotten to living in a borderless world. With incentives such as the promises of higher pay, better quality of life, and rich cultural experiences, migration has become more and more viable to people all over the world.

Dual citizenship can be especially tempting, especially for those who have assets or family in their home country. It can be a good compromise between staying in Australia as a citizen, while being considered a national of your home country, legally speaking.

Having a passport for both countries makes re-entry into either country much easier. Otherwise, travelling back and forth may require additional documents.

Applying for dual citizenship, though, warrants some serious thought. There are several legal implications you’ll have to prepare for, and the process can be long and expensive. Here are some questions that should help you make a decision:

  • Do I want to work in a high-level government office?

    If you’re seeking a long-term career in public service, holding a dual citizenship might not be a good idea. In some governments, you might not be granted the security clearance to access top-level information. Though it might be easier if you were born with dual citizenship, you might have to give up your citizenship to another country.

  • Am I willing to comply with obligations from two countries?

    This is especially tricky, especially in countries with obligatory military service. For instance, if you acquired a dual citizenship and returned to your home country, you may still have to render military service, unless you can get a deferment.

    Additionally, you may have to pay taxes for both countries. However, this is not the case for countries which have signed treaties to protect its citizens from dual taxation.

  • Do I own property in both countries?

    This is a good reason to consider dual citizenship. This can be a good way to offset accommodation costs if you plan to travel back and forth often. Additionally, this allows you to manage your properties and purchase new ones relatively easily. Otherwise, you would have to defer this to a trusted friend or relative.

If you cover all bases before application, the benefits of having a dual citizenship can outweigh its costs. For more information, you may reach out to an immigration agent or lawyer, or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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