Applying for a 457 Visa

457 Australian Visa

The Temporary Business (Long Stay) subclass visa is more popularly known as the 457 visa. Overseas and Australian employers may sponsor skilled workers from abroad to temporarily work in Australia through the 457 visa. This visa is issued by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). The 457 visa is part of a progressive immigration system that aims to reduce Australia’s skill shortages. Through the 457 visa, a skilled worker may be sponsored by an overseas or Australian employer to work in Australia for as little as one day, to as long as four years. During this time, s/he may leave and enter the country as often as s/he wants to.

Both employer and employee have to fulfil certain requirements to be eligible for a 457 visa. For employers to sponsor a worker into Australia, they should apply to become sponsors for recruiting overseas workers, and be approved for it. To be eligible, the employer should be a business, with no adverse record, operating in Australia; or an overseas company that brings in employees from abroad with the aim of setting up a business in Australia. Besides bringing in overseas workers however, they should also undertake to perform non-discriminatory and fair employment practices, commit to employ local labour, and meet the country’s training requirements for Australian workers.

Employees intending to acquire a 457 visa should also meet certain requirements, such as having the qualifications, experience and skills necessary to match the needs of the position being applied for; having an eligible sponsor; being proficient in the English language; being eligible for the required licences that go with the position; and meeting the different health requirements and passing background checks.

The prospective employee should acquire and fill up Form 1066 to apply for a 457 visa. This form contains all the pertinent information that the employee should know, including how to fill up the form and all other conditions that go with the application. All forms and guidelines are available at

All foreign language documents, such as evidence of qualifications and work experience, must be accompanied by a NAATI translation, prepared by a suitably qualified translation service provider such as The Migration Translators.

The employee may also use the same form for any other individuals s/he intends to bring to Australia with them: e.g., spouse and children. The form must be lodged, including all requirements such as the sponsorship nomination from the employer, in the same Australian office where your employer submitted the sponsorship application; or online through If the sponsoring employer is based overseas, the application can be lodged at an Australian mission near you. You can also have a representative submit your application, or you can send it through the mail.

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