A Certified Translation is Required for US Immigration Documents

Immigration Documents

In the United States if you are applying to work or migrate, you will be required to provide a number of documents like your birth certificate in English. This means you will need to get them translated before filing your visa application.

There are many supporting documents needed which include in particular:

  • birth certificate,
  • a photocopy of  your passports page of biographic data
  • your marriage certificate,
  • a marriage termination document,
  • adoption documents,
  • military records,
  • police clearance certificates.

Requirements for These Documents to be Translated

You are probably more or less fluent in English but you are not allowed to translate your own documents for immigration purposes into the United States. You will need to hire a translator who is prepared to sign to say the translation is accurate. This is called a certified translation. The first thing you do is choose a translator who has the experience of providing translations for immigration purposes. You don’t need to provide the original document but a photocopy will do. Once the translation has been completed the translator will need to certify it by providing his or her signature and address as well as the date the certification took place.

This is what a birth certificate translation certification should look like.

  • Your name in full
  • The day, month and year of your date of birth
  • Your birth place
  • Your parents’ name
  • The issuing office’s name of the birth certificate
  • A statement by the translator saying the translation is accurate
  • The signature of the translator

The translation needs to be a precise copy of the birth certificate. This must include any signatures, seals, stamps and even dashes. If the birth certificate has blurry writing on it the translator needs to write “it is not legible.” All translated text must appear in exactly the same place as it does on the original document.

If you have chosen the right translator to do your immigration translation job you will have no fears that your application to move to the U.S. will be rejected.

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