What is The Cost of Australian PR from India?

PR in Australia

There are two main visa Australian PR categories that are most suited to Indian migrants coming to Australia. The first is the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, while the second is the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190. Most Indians select one of these two options in order to gain permanent residency to live in Australia.

The cost of both these types of visas is basically the same. However, this is not the only charge levied for permanent residency applications. There are other charges such as medical examination costs, police clearance fees and skill assessment costs. These are all a part of the Australian PR application process.

Cost of Australian PR from India

Below is the breakdown of the most up-to-date visa fees and charges when you apply for Australian permanent residency from India.

  • primary applicant is $3,670;
  • secondary applicant is $1,835;
  • children are $920 each;
  • skill assessment fees range from $500-$1000 which depends on the skill or occupation;
  • medical and police clearance (PCC) fees and a state’s nomination fees will depend upon the applicant’s occupation;
  • the International English Testing Fee (IELTS), which is the approved English proficiency test, costs around $330.

Other parts of the Australian PR process include getting all the non-English documents translated into English by an accredited NAATI translator. You aren’t allowed to translate any official documents yourself even if you are fluent in English and your Indian language.

Use a migration agent to help you

If it’s the first time you are applying for the Australian PR from India you will need an Australian migration consultant to help you choose your pathway to permanent residency. The Australian permanent resident immigration process changes all the time and this includes changes in visa fees. Make sure you choose a migration adviser who is approved by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

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