Documents You May Need Translating When Applying for Australian Citizenship

Australian Citizenship Documents

As you might expect, if you are applying for Australian citizenship, you will need several documents for you and anyone else in your family who is eligible to apply at the same time. Some of these documents are the same as documents you may have had to supply when you applied for permanent residence, but the details, especially your residential address may have changed. Other documents are different and you will need to arrange to obtain them before applying for citizenship.


Generally, you will need to be a permanent resident of Australia for a minimum period of time and of ‘good character’ before applying for citizenship. It is best to have a close look at eligibility requirements before gathering documents as they do tend to change now and again. Old websites or information on the internet may not always be accurate and yet remain in limbo on the net making it sometimes a difficult process working out what you have to do.

The good character requirement is not just for the period you have been living in Australia, but must also include any period over 12 months that you have been living since you were 18 outside of Australia.

All documents required, identity, character and supporting, must be in English or be translated into English by an authorized translator. In Australia, that means a certified translation by a NAATI accredited translator. If you are applying from outside Australia, find out from a consulate or embassy who to use as a translator.

Types of Documents Required

There are 3 types of documents which need to be supplied alongside an Australian citizenship application:

  1. Identity documents
  2. Character documents
  3. Supporting documents

Identity Documents

You must show 3 documents that between them show your name, photograph, signature, current residential address, date of birth and gender.

An identity declaration completed by a person of authority who can recognise you together with a photograph signed by that person.

Character Documents

Penal clearance certificates obtained from the relevant authorities in every country you have lived in continuously for more than 12 months at a time since you became 18.  Australian clearances will be obtained on your behalf.

Supporting Documents

These depend on your circumstances. They include evidence of the period of residence in Australia, documents for any children who are acquiring citizenship with you and any exemptions, concessions or other documents that pertain to you personally.

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