Easing Business Processes by Careful and Professional Translation

Professional Translation

The number of global, or at least international businesses, continues to grow year after year. It is unlikely that any of these businesses will get anywhere unless they ensure that they make use of professional translators. Translators are needed for the document translation of key legal business documents such as contracts, patents and agreements. In addition to this nitty-gritty of any business, there will be a need to translate marketing material, maintain a website, translate manuals, instructions for use and maintenance documentation, just to mention a few of the translation needs.

The transition to effective translation for easing the business process often comes at some stage after a business has struggled to get a foot in the international market. A translation may be regarded as an unnecessary task or something that is not regarded as a priority. The temptation is to economise as much as possible. In this digital age, there are a number of seemingly very good internet based translation tools that may be regarded as useful tools to satisfy the demand for translation.

However, it usually doesn’t take too long before the business fails to make any ground beyond its traditional base and language boundary. Internet-based or automated translation tools, despite their seeming ease of use and effectiveness, have not yet reached the stage where they can be used to substitute for professional human-based translation and satisfy the easing of the business process.

It doesn’t matter what is translated. Legal document translation should certainly never be left to automated translation software as the results can be devastating if phrases and whole chunks of the document are poorly translated. Legal documents, perhaps more than any other types of documents, are very specific when it comes to legal terminology. Slight mistakes can cost a business a contract. It can cause confusion that may take weeks to sort out and orders lost or delayed. Court cases can be delayed or lost because of translation errors.

Marketing translation, especially website pages, should also be never left to any other than professional business marketing translators. Marketing translators generally develop skills that are different to legal translators or literary translators. They understand the importance of localization, which is the translation of marketing material to suit the needs of localized communities that the business is interested in targeting as a market. Localization includes adjustment of language to suit a dialect, a sub culture, a specific age group or gender. This is the sort of translation that can never be left to automated translation tools.


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