How To Get a Motorcycle Driver’s Licence In New South Wales


If you’re too young to own a car, or prefer the lightweight mobility of a motorcycle or motor scooter, you would need a rider’s licence. In New South Wales, you have to undergo a series of aptitude tests, and prove that you have the skills necessary to comply with traffic regulations and drive safely

Take note that only the Roads and Maritime Services office is authorized to provide drivers’ licences in New South Wales. Beware of people claiming to fast-track the licensure process; any licences not provided by Roads and Maritime are considered invalid.

Provisional licences come with regulations on the motorcycle or scooter models that you can drive, speed limits, and the like. The restrictions are lifted as you upgrade your licence. With a full rider’s licence, you can drive without prohibitions, outside of traffic laws and the like.

Anyone who is at least 16 years of age can start working on his/her rider’s licence. Upon the fulfillment of requirements, your licence may either be handed to you over the counter, or sent via mail. The process of getting a rider’s licence in New South Wales, in a nutshell, involves the following steps:

Learner Rider’s Licence

For most areas in New South Wales, pre-learner licence applicants will have to go through a 3-5 day training course. Should they pass an aptitude test, they will be granted a learner rider’s licence.

P1 Provisional Rider Licence

After three months with your learner’s licence, you can qualify for a P1 provisional rider licence. A demerit system is also in place to regulate P1 licence holders—once you incur four (4) demerit points, your licence will either be revoked or suspended. Furthermore, any speeding violations will warrant a three-month suspension.

P2 Provisional Rider Licence

Twelve months after getting your P1 licence, you can apply for it to be upgraded. P1 licence holders who are 25 years old and above may be exempted from the P2 provisional period.

Full Rider Licence

After 24 months, you can apply for a full rider licence. With this, you can drive any motorcycle or scooter unit. Furthermore, the restrictions and demerit system that come with provisional licences will no longer apply to you.

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