How to Go From Being an Undocumented Immigrant to a Legal U.S. Citizen

Undocumented Immigrant

Millions of families and individuals from all over the world dream of accessing a better life and the United States is one of the most favoured destinations for immigration.  There is no doubt that the majority of people who enter the U.S. choose the right legal channels just so they feel secure. However, there are still large groups of people who enter quite legally, but haven’t sought approval to extend their stay when their tourist visa has expired. The people who do this are called undocumented immigrants but often sooner or later they become legal immigrants. However, today under the presidency of Donald Trump, an undocumented immigrant is going to have a tougher time legalising his or her status.

Can you Ever Become a Legal Resident of the United States?

Despite the hard line taken by the Trump administration many state governments see things differently and are intent on protecting anyone who is an undocumented immigrant.

Legal Rights for an Undocumented Immigrant

An undocumented immigrant does have some rights in the U.S. which can’t be altered by the president because they are embedded in the constitution. One of those rights is refusing to be personally searched and refusing entry into your home any federal agent or police officer. If an officer has a warrant to enter your home you can still refuse and ask the officer to put the warrant through the letter box. If it gets to the point that a police officer wants to question you, you can refuse and remain silent until an attorney is present. Also, you are entitled to choosing an immigration lawyer if you don’t already have one.

You have the right to choose who you want when choosing an immigration lawyer and if you don’t have one to handle your immigration issue, you are allowed to find one. Likewise, you must not sign anything without your lawyer present.

Limited Options to Become Legal in the U.S.A.

Under the United States immigration laws, there are very few ways of transferring your undocumented immigrant status in order to become a legal or permanent resident of the country. If your English skills are not too good, you will need a professional interpreter who understands immigration issues. One of the commonest ways of becoming legal is by marrying a U.S. citizen. After the paperwork is completed it could give you the right to obtain a green card. Adjustment of status is another possibility and this is possible if you entered the country quite legally in the first place. If you crossed a border into the U.S. without completing entry formalities it is far harder to change your undocumented status but by choosing an immigration lawyer to help you, any possibilities of becoming legal will be explained to you.


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