How do I apply for a driver’s licence in South Australia?

Drivers License

If you are a novice driver and want to get a driver’s licence in South Australia (SA), you will need to go through several stages until you gradually progress into getting a full driver’s licence in SA. The first thing you need to do is book and pass a licence theory test. Once you’ve passed this, you will be issued a learner’s permit. Only those 16 years old and above may be issued a learner’s permit. The fee for this permit is $58, and it is valid for two years. While in the learner’s permit stage, you should be able to complete the number of compulsory driving hours, which is at least 75 driving hours. Of these 75 hours, 15 should be driven during night-time. This should be shown in a log book signed by a Qualified Supervising Driver. Keep in mind that while driving with a learner’s permit, a Qualified Supervising Driver must accompany you, and the vehicle you are driving must display L-plates colored yellow. Learner drivers can only drive up to 100 km/h, even if the road has a higher speed limit.

Once that stage is completed, you can now book and pass a mandatory hazard perception test in order to be issued a P1 provisional license. You can only be issued the P1 licence if you have held a learner’s permit for 12 months. You should also be at least 17 years old to apply for one. Those with a P1 provisional licence may not drive high-powered vehicles if aged below 25.

Overseas drivers may be able to transfer their existing license, but they will need to get a NAATI translation, for example from The Migration Translators.

After one year of holding a P1 provisional licence, you can now get a P2 provisional license. Holders of P1 and P2 licences need to use red P-plates when driving. They should also not exceed a speed of 100 km/h, even if the road has a higher speed limit. After a combined use of the P1 and P2 licences of two years, with six months of that using the P2, you can now apply for a full driver’s licence. Medical conditions should be disclosed, and proof of age should likewise be provided, unless you have a photographic learner’s permit. Payment of a $41 fee, $17 administration fee, and $20.50 concession fee is due upon lodgement of the application.

The theory and hazard-protection tests can be taken at the Service South Australia’s Customer Service Centres. Tests can be booked by calling the Contact Centre at 13 10 84. The provides all the information needed by any first time drivers in SA.

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