I Just Lost My Queensland Driver’s Licence – What Do I Do?

I Just Lost My Queensland Driver’s Licence – What Do I Do?

On your way out of the house, you check for your wallet and keys. You kiss your wife and pet the dog goodbye. Everything is fine, until you are told by a traffic officer to pull over. When asked for your licence, you find, to your horror, that your licence isn’t in your wallet. It must have fallen out, or you must have misplaced it. It shouldn’t be a problem, right?

The thing is, driving without carrying a licence can lead to additional fines, on top of any penalties imposed on you. Besides, driving without carrying your licence is just asking for trouble.

What if you did lose it, though? Alternatively, what if it was damaged or stolen? How do you replace your licence?

In Queensland, you can have your damaged or driving licence in person, via the Internet, or via mail. Take note that you can’t have your licence replaced if:

  • You had applied for a replacement licence online within 12 months from present;
  • Your licence was disqualified anywhere in the country;
  • You’re applying for a replacement, but not because it was lost, stolen, or damaged (for instance, you need corrections on your personal information); or
  • Your licence has already expired.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here’s how you can apply for a driving licence replacement.

  • Visiting a Queensland Government Agency Program (QGAP) or a transport and motoring service centre in person

    When visiting any of these sites, make sure to bring the following requirements:
    1. A printed, filled-in application form for a replacement driving licence, accessible here:     https://www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/forms/QF3006/$file/F3006_CFD.pdf
    2. Documents that provide proof of your identity
    3. If your name was changed, the change of name document and other supporting documents
    4. Sometimes, a medical certificate declaring that you’re in condition to drive the vehicle class
    5. The licence fee, depending on the type of licence you’re replacing

  • Online

    File a licence replacement online, you’ll need to log on to Transport and Main Roads (TMR) or the Queensland Government (QGov) website. You will be asked about your personal details and the details of your licence. Once you’ve confirmed the information needed, your request will be processed.

  • Via mail

    If you’d like to file a replacement licence, but you’re either in a different state, overseas, or a remote location, you won’t have to wait until you can head to the city. If you’ve been residing in another state or country for at least three months, you can make use of the interstate or overseas replacement kit through here: http://www.qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/driver-licensing/renew-replace/replace/interstate/index.html. If you live in a remote area within the state, you can download the remote licence kit: http://www.qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/driver-licensing/renew-replace/replace/remote/index.html. These kits will contain instructions and forms that you’ll need to fill in to replace your lost, damaged, or stolen driving licence. You may be instructed to attach certain documents, such as proof of identity and medical certificates, as well as photos.

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