New Zealand Citizenship by Descent For Australian Residents

New Zealand Citizenship

If you live in Australia and your father or mother is a New Zealand citizen you may still be able to apply for New Zealand citizenship by descent if that is your wish.

If your age is 16 years or more and you want to apply for New Zealand citizenship, you should first contact the New Zealand citizenship office before applying.

It only takes around 20 working days to complete the process but if you are applying for a N.Z. passport as well it may take around 30 working days. Also, if you were adopted abroad, it may take longer to reach a decision about your application.

If you are a parent applying for your child, the Department of Internal affairs will conduct a formal assessment of your situation and your child’s before a decision is reached.

If you and your child live in Australia or any other country except New Zealand, but your child was born in the country before you left, he or she may be considered to be a New Zealand citizen by birth.

Who Should Complete The Form?

A  New Zealand parent needs to fill in the application form. This can be either the mother or father. Two colour photos which are identical and no more than six months old need to be provided and a witness needs to write the full name of the child on the reverse of the photos and sign and date each one. There are precise requirements for photographs which can be found on the website.

What Documents Are Required?

Your child’s birth certificate should have: his or her full-name date and place of birth, gender and the names of the two parents. If it is not written in English, a full, certified translation will be required. This can be done by a qualified and accredited translation agency. Within Australia, The Migration Translators is a good choice.

If the original name of your child has been changed for any reason, such as due to an adoption, it is necessary to provide an official document showing the name change unless the name change occurred in New Zealand and the Citizenship Office will be able to source the name change automatically. The same procedure needs to be followed if you, as the parent, have been through a name change.

You need to go to the website to make sure you have included all the required documents for your child’s application for New Zealand citizenship.

You must include original documents so photocopies are disallowed. If you do not have the original birth certificate for your child you will need to get a replacement before submitting the application. The Citizenship Office will return all original documents as soon as they are no longer required.

A further requirement is that you are responsible for getting any documents not in English officially translated before they are accepted. All your documents need to be in English. If they are not, go to the Migration Translator’s website for more information.

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