Northern Territories, Southern Australia, and Tasmania: Replacing a Damaged or Lost Driver’s Licence

Driver's Licence

It can be quite vexing to lose, misplace, or accidentally damage your driver’s licence. This can open you up to violations and fines. On the other hand, though you can avoid getting on a traffic officer’s wrong side, it’s always useful to have a spare ID handy.

If you live in the Northern Territories, Southern Australia, or Tasmania, you can request a replacement for a damaged or lost licence mainly by heading over to the authorized offices. You may have to pay a replacement fee.

Northern Territories

If you’re from the Northern Territories, you can file a replacement for your licence by contacting any Motor Vehicle Registry office within your vicinity. You may liaise with them via phone, email, or by visiting their site in person.

South Australia

In SA, the replacement process is quite similar. Alternatively, you can also make a request over the Internet. The EzyReg online request system is available for licence renewals or replacements. Take note that the replacement fee will be charged only via Visa or MasterCard—if you don’t have either, you will have to head to Service SA, or apply by phone. The replacement will be mailed to you two to three weeks after.

Additionally, if your licence photo or home address needs to be updated, you will have to head to a Service SA customer service centre.

Should you decide to apply in person, make sure to bring the following: a filled-out application form, which you can download on the SA government page; proof of identity; and the replacement fee.

Alternatively, you may also request a replacement by calling Service SA.


To request a replacement in Tasmania, head over to any Service Tasmania site or designated police station with the requirements. If you’re currently not in the state (interstate or overseas), fill out an application form for Out of State driver licence renewal/replacement, accessible here. Send it, along with proof of identity, a passport photograph, and your payment, via cheque, Money Order (in AUD), or credit card (MasterCard or Visa).

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