Price Isn’t the Most Important Factor for a Translation

Translation Price

Businesses don’t make a profit unless they are vigilant about the way they allocate their cash. More and more businesses these days are trying to broaden their markets by shifting their focus to overseas destinations. This will only work to their advantage if they translate key documents into the languages of the countries they wish to market and sell their products. This is often an area where businesses think they can choose a machine translation service because it’s cheaper than hiring a human translator. However, this isn’t usually the best road to take as machine translations don’t normally put across the required message in quite the right language and tone that the correct marketing of the product requires.

You should choose the right language service provider (LSP) because it will make use of the most up-to-date terminology management products and translation memory. These sorts of tools can be used effectively once you have assigned one of your translation projects to an LSP because the terminology used in the first translation is stored so it can be accessed for any further translation jobs for your company. This saves the translator time and your money.

Translations Need Human Translator Expertise

Being completely fluent in 2 languages is one prerequisite for a translator, but expertise in a certain area is also important. If you need legal documents translated for example it’s best to hire an LSP who has a legal document translator available to do your translations. This could be patents, contracts and annual reports that you may need translations for. A translator in a specialised area will know how to direct your translations to the right audience. These expert translators ensure they keep current with the latest trends in their area of expertise so they can do a good job on translation projects.

Quality Control is an Important Part of the Translation Process

A human translator should always review a translation done by a translator to ensure correctness and consistency is maintained throughout the translation. This step normally serves to enhance the translation so that you the client is given the best translation possible.

A Project Manager is a Part of the Translation Process

If you use machine translation downloaded from the internet there won’t be a project manager overseeing the job. This is an important role because it ensures the work is not only of the highest possible quality but the project manager will make sure the translated documents are delivered on time.

In summary, don’t put price first if you want your translation to be accurate and effective.

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