Replacing a Driver’s Licence: Australian Capital Territory

Replace Driver Licence

Did you lose your driver’s licence? Has it been worn down by the elements or an accident? A lost or damaged driving licence can put you in a bit of a pickle. Luckily, it’s possible to replace your licence. Whether you lost it within the Australian Capital Territory, in another state, or abroad, if your permit was issued anywhere in the ACT, here’s how to file a replacement.

Filing a Replacement within the ACT

When requesting a replacement licence, prepare the following, and bring them to any Access Canberra office:

Filing a Replacement in another State or Country

What if your permit was lost or damaged while not in the ACT, or worse, while abroad? You can snail mail (address: Road User Services, PO Box 582 Dickson ACT), email (, or fax (6207-7120) the following to Access Canberra:

  • Filled-in application for replacement form (see link above)
  • Mailing address and your contact details
  • Photocopy of your passport, or any primary proof of identity
  • A Signature label, signed; you can download a copy here:
  • The respective fee for the type of licence you’re requesting, via a cheque addressed to Road User Services, or your credit card number with the expiry date

Once you’ve provided these requirements, you should be able to claim the replacement licence at an Access Canberra office. If you filed an interstate or overseas replacement, you can head there once you’ve returned to the ACT.

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