Why Translation and Immigration are so Closely Linked?

Translation and Immigration

With the ever increasing movement of people around the world and the expanding of business markets to countries that don’t speak their languages there is an ever increasing need for professional translation services in order to meet the language requirements of these changes. In the U. S. Alone, companies offering a myriad of translation services have flourished. Many of them cover not only Spanish, now a key language in the U.S., but 30 or more of the commonest languages spoken by the world. This is a billion dollar industry and it is set to expand.

One of the most important uses of translation services is for migrants who wish to come to another country to live and work. Most countries do not accept documentation like birth certificates, degree and diploma certificates, work records and job references if they are not written in the language where the migrant wishes to live and work.

This is particularly the case in the United States where even though translations of key documents don’t need to be translated by a certified translation services business, translations cannot be performed by the individual who wishes to migrate or work in the country. This means he or she must source the services of an experienced German translator from a reputable translation service who is prepared to sign the translation and say it is accurate.

Australia, like many developed and relatively affluent nations has also seen its share of immigrants, many of whom have sought to settle there because their own nations are war torn or in turmoil. Many others have simply chosen to go and live in a country with better weather and prospects.

The Australian government requires all documentation to be translated into English if it is not already in that language. It also insists that translations are done by NAATI translators. These are translators who have been accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. All immigrants who are applying for visas or citizenship in Australia are probably familiar with NAATI translators at some stage in the application process.

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