Victoria: How to Replace a Lost or Damaged Driver’s Licence

Driver’s Licence


Driving while not carrying your licence can lead to various penalties. With that in mind, if your licence has been lost or damaged, it’s a great idea to have it replaced at once. For licences in Victoria, you may request a replacement in a variety of ways. Take note, though, that a valid photograph of you is needed to process it.

Once your application is successful, your replacement will be mailed to your home address (in Australia) within 10 business days.

In Person

You can head over to any VicRoads Customer Service Centre in your area. Make sure to bring the following:

  • A filled-out replacement application form, which you can download here:
  • The replacement fee
  • Proof of identity (original copies)

Take note that proofs of identity are needed for changes to your personal information. Make sure that the documents you show provide the information, for which you’re requesting changes.

Over The Phone

If you’re not sure whether VicRoads holds a valid photograph of you, you may call them (13 11 71). You may be advised to file your application via mail or in person if they don’t. Otherwise, to proceed with the application, the following are needed:

  • Your name and information
  • Licence number
  • Replacement fee, payable via VISA or MasterCard

Once done, you will be issued a receipt number. Take note of this, as you can use it to follow up on your application.

Via The Internet

You can also request for a replacement licence online, if you don’t need to make any updates to your personal information, and if VicRoads holds a valid photograph here:

Via Mail

If you can’t file your application in person, and VicRoads doesn’t have your photograph, you can file it via mail. You can download a Photo Kit form here:

Once printed out and completed, you may mail, along with a cheque for the replacement fee, to this address:

Licence Correspondence
Locked Bag 7000
Kew VIC 3101

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