West Australia: Replacing a Stolen or Lost Driver’s Licence

Replacing a Stolen or Lost Driver’s Licence

When you’ve lost your driver’s licence, it’s best to request a replacement as soon as possible. Drivers who are caught without a licence can be heavily penalised. For instance, your car may be impounded if found being driven by someone without a licence.

Penalties are harsher for those who have had their licences suspended or revoked—in most cases, you may be let off the hook when you prove that you do have a valid licence (albeit not physically). Still, it’s best to have your driver’s licence on you to spare yourself the hassle of having to provide proof.

The replacement process is rather simple. These are the three basic requirements:

  • A filled-out application form
  • Proof of identity documents that show your name, address, and other pertinent information
  • Processing fee

If your licence was stolen, you will also need to produce a police report.

You can request for your replacement in person by bringing these to a Driver and Vehicle Services office, or through an agent.

If you can’t file the application in person (say, for instance, you’re not in the state or the country), you can do so via mail. If you’re abroad or out of the state, be sure to include a photo kit in your application.

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