What is a migration agent?

migration agent

Individuals who want to acquire an Australian visa, regardless of type, may secure the services of a migration agent. However, this does not mean that using one is a requirement when getting a visa. This can be done by the applicant themselves if they choose to, with most opting to do it online. People may always opt to do it without the help of a migration agent. There are, however, many advantages in getting their assistance. Those who are not confident with their visa application, or have complicated circumstances, can engage the services of a migration agent.

Migration agents can provide sound advice when applying for an Australian visa. They know the requirements, assist in lodging the visa application, and can be the ones to deal with the department on the applicant’s behalf. Should you decide to use a migration agent in Australia, it is necessary to get one who is registered with the office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). MARA is Sydney-based and is affiliated to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). It operates nationwide.

Australian visa applicants can be assured of migration agents who are aware of the correct procedures, current laws and appropriate advice if they are registered with the office of MARA. However, they are unable to guarantee visa approval, or influence the processing or outcome of the application. To find a registered migration agent, it is best to visit the website of MARA, www.mara.gov.au , under “Find an Agent,” where there is a list of all these agents. You may search for them using their personal details or their location details. The website also provides useful information about migration agents, such as their fees, how to choose one, what to expect, how to complain, etc.

If the migration agent you use is not registered, they are not supposed to charge fees when helping you with your visa application. To do so is illegal in Australia. For visa applicants who prefer to work closely with their agents, it is useful to know that some migration agents operate outside Australia but are registered with the office of MARA. They can be searched through the MARA website using “Location Details: Country”.

The rates paid to registered migration agents vary greatly depending on the type of visa and the services entailed. The Mara Agent Price Guide can likewise be viewed on the MARA website.

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