What is the Role of the DIBP (www.border.gov.au) in Australia?

Role of the DIBP

DIBP stands for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It is currently headed by Michael Pezzullo as the Department’s Secretary, and Roman Quaedvlieg as its Commissioner. They report to the Minister and Assistant Minister for Australia’s Immigration and Boarded Protection service, who are the Hon. Peter Dutton and the Hon. Michaelia Cash respectively.

Basically, DIBP is in charge of the policies for immigration and border customs. In general, the Department envisions building the future of Australia through the proper management of people’s entry and settlement into the country. By virtue of the 2013 Administrative Arrangements Order, DIBP’s official functions are as follows:

  • Deciding on the arrangements of the entry, departure or settlement of non-citizens in Australia;
  • Citizenship matters;
  • Control of border immigration;
  • Control of border and customs, besides inspection and quarantine; and
  • Ethnic affairs.

It is the Department’s vision to become the country’s global gateway and conduit, through which migrants, visitors and possible future citizens can pass or settle, and in which they may place trust. It is also tasked with refusing entry to Australia by those with intentions of circumventing the country’s border controls.

It is the DIBP’s mission to properly manage the movement not only of people, but also of goods, across Australia, as well as to protect the country’s border. It is part of the Department’s role to manage various matters including, but not limited to, Australian citizenship, the Humanitarian Program, the Migration Program, revenue collection, customs and trade, and offshore maritime security.

The DIBP is a huge department with several agencies, bureaus and offices under its wings, including the Australian Border Force, which is DIBP’s operational enforcement arm tasked with immigration detention operations, investigations and compliance for maritime, seaports, air and land domains.

The Department assists the government of Australia in achieving its objectives in terms of gaining a strong economy and a cohesive and prosperous society and attaining strong national security. DIBP also plays several roles in regard to law enforcement, travel and trade, revenue collections, commerce and industry, national security, environment security, community protection, and offshore maritime resource security.

The Department tries to reach and serve as many people as possible, with offices scattered in each state all over the country, including 52 offices located worldwide. To get more information and access the services it offers, you may visit its online site at http://www.border.gov.au/ . It can direct you to all the other offices and agencies offering different services under its control.

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