Working in Australia with a Student Visa: The Basics

Working in Australia with a Student Visa

There are many reasons to want to study in Australia. An article by The Guardian pegs Melbourne and Sydney as two of the 10 best cities to study in for 2016. This is because of the wide breadth of opportunities available in these cities, as well as the diverse cultures that coexist in the country. For any aspiring international student, Australia is a viable choice.

Those who are in Australia with a student visa may also have to find a job while studying, though. While are usually given board and lodging, some may find that they also need a living wage. Are student visa holders allowed to work while studying?

Student visa holders are allowed to work while studying, but not on a full-time basis. If you have a student visa, you are allowed to work only up to 40 hours every fortnight (14-day period), starting on a Monday up until the second Sunday following it. If you are a postgraduate student, there is no limit on the number of hours you work.

Any volunteer work is not counted towards the 40-hour limit. You will have to provide proof, though, that the hours you have rendered are voluntary, and that you are not receiving any wages for them. It is acceptable, however, if you receive board and lodging.

As a student, you are also expected to maintain good grades, and attend classes as expected in your course. If you’re unable to meet the cutoff required, it may become more difficult to renew your visa.

You may start working once your course has started. Any eligible family members with you may also start working when your study course is in progress.

Additionally, once you start with your job, you officially become part of Australia’s labour force. As such, laws governing workers’ rights then apply to you.

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